optical retrofit

Adapt the Display, storage, and connectivity of your smartphone

Display eyepiece View

Simplify viewing through a lens and expand to group observations.

Save Observations

Record videos and photographs directly on a smartphone.

Share and Collaborate

Accessibly capture data and easily share with the connectivity of a smartphone.



Downloadable and 3D printable design.  Adjustable to any smartphone model. Fastens onto most eyepiece lens.

Developed for accessibility, ease of use and great image quality.

Self-Centering Hold

Five points of contact surround the eyepiece and ensure central positioning for consistent placement on any eyepiece within range.

Pivot Adjustment

Smartphone cameras are accurately positioned to the center viewport of the adapter no matter where the camera located on the phone.

Ambient Light Blocking

Reflected light is kept from washing out the image by enclosing the eyepiece. Protruding or flush cameras are adjustable to surface of the enclosure.

Built on 3D printing platform

We believe in developing the most accessible tool possible.
3D printing allows us to digitally ship our product and have the design freedom to customize in a sustainable, flexibly produced way.

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Capturing video from a microscope is like having a fourth dimension. Students can study movement in way not possible before.

Dr. Brenda Shumpert

Valencia College

The photographs reveal information you did not see the first time around. We now can study in detail outside of class in a group.

Coral G.

Dr. Phillips High School

My eyes are thankful. Especially when counting cells!

Gabriel V.

University of Central Florida


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OE-2 STL download files coming December 2021

The download files will be sent out with a newsletter on the official launch of website.

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OpenOcular's adapters began from a need within education and we've worked extensively with schools, medical facilities and other B2B. For specific design needs or other solutions, pleasecontact us