Microscope imaging

with the Display, storage, and connectivity of your smartphone

Phone Display

Expand an optical view onto a screen

Save Observations

Record videos and photographs

Share and Collaborate

With ease on the favorite mobile app


Digitize ordinary optics and capture unique views with your smartphone.
Pair with any microscope or smartphone.
Printable with any desktop 3D printer.

Download OE2.1 on ThingiverseVisit Etsy and shop for OE2.1

Self-Centering Hold

Five points of contact surround the eyepiece and ensure a center position  on any eyepiece diameter.

Fully Adjustable

Accurately position OE to any smartphone camera wherever it's located on the phone.

External Light Blocking

Keep ambient light out from washing out images to capture beautiful observations.

Designed on 3D printable platform

3D printable designs unlock world of possibilities from design freedom and fast iterations, to customizable designs and global reach.
3D printing allows us to best serve our community and core mission which is to digitized microscopy throughout education.

Own a Printer?

Check out our designs and download the OE-2 print file FREE on Thingiverse


Order OE-2

Visit our Etsy store and order OE. It's printed at our facility and goes through rigorous quality checks to deliver the highest performance.

Order OE-2

Capturing video from a microscope is like having a fourth dimension. Students can study movement in way not possible before.

Dr. Brenda Shumpert

Valencia College

The design is so efficient in every way! It has the potential to change the way biology is taught everywhere.

Coral G.

Dr. Phillips High

My eyes are thankful. Especially when counting cells!

Gabriel V.

University of Central Florida


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About Us

OpenOcular Newsletters

2021.12.10 - News and Updates

Welcome to OpenOcular’s first newsletter and thank you so much for being part of the community! Today, I am excited to finally release OE-2 as a free downloadable, 3D printed microscope to smartphone adapter! Our goal is to widen the capacity to document and communicate microscope data for the vast majority of students and professionals in science who do not have access to expensive, high quality camera equipment. We hope this tool along with the ability to print this design at no cost will open new avenues for anyone to engage with and become inspired by the marvelous microscopic world! 

For those wishing to support this work, OE-2 is available for purchase and is home grown with quality guaranteed. Purchases will help out tremendously and go directly to design development, donations to education, and further outreach. With your support and feedback, we aim to continue shaping new designs to bring the best printable ideas so stay tuned for the latest.  

To download OE and learn more about OpenOcular designs, visit OpenOcular.com. OE-2 instructions and support is available as well so be sure to check it out. If there’s any additional support needed, please don’t hesitate to reach me at josue@openocular.com. 

Also, be sure to tag or hashtag OpenOcular. I can’t wait to see your prints and microscopic images. See you then!

- Josue Gimbernard