Digitize ordinary optics and capture unique views with your smartphone.
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OE-2 Print and Use Instructions

Self-Centering Hold

Five points of contact surround the eyepiece and ensure central positioning for consistent placement on any eyepiece within range.

Pivot Adjustment

Smartphone cameras are accurately positioned to the center viewport of the adapter no matter where the camera located on the phone.

Ambient Light Blocking

Reflected light is kept from washing out the image by enclosing the eyepiece. Protruding or flush cameras are adjustable to surface of the enclosure.


  • Eyepiece Diameter Range: 15mm -50mm
  • Phone Max Width: 90mm
  • Eyepiece Contact Points: 5
  • Eyepiece Contact area: 28mm
  • Eye Relief Travel: 30mm
  • Camera Widow Diameter: 9mm
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