OE-2 User Instructions

1. Fully retract the Jaws

2. Open the Smartphone Clamp

3. Loosen the Positioner

4. Place the smartphone within the phone clamp with the camera facing the adapter and fasten.

5. Align the adapter opening with the smartphone camera and fasten the position with the OC Thumbnut while holding the adapter body.

6. While holding the smartphone, loosen the phone clamp and reposition the clamp along the smartphone until the camera is centered within the adapter opening and refasten the phone clamp.

7. Open the camera app on the smartphone to confirm the image passes through the adapter opening and is centered.

8. With the camera on, Position the adapter assembly onto the instrument eyepiece and fully fasten when the image best comes into view.

*Adjust the centering of the image only after the adapter is removed from the equipment.